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So.  Where were we?  Oh of course!    QUESTLORD!

Progress has been coming along at a nice steady clip!  And here is one new way I show that progress.  There is this thing called Screenshot Saturdays, not sure who runs it but, whomever does is doing the indie community a HUGE favor.

I made it in time last week.  This week however it appears that I might have missed the deadline, I think the actual day for the Saturday might be on the Tower of London timetable.  So here is the shot that was uploaded at 10:30 Central time and I guess missed the deadline.

So the game is progressing right along and I hope to do my most thorough beta test yet at the end of this week.  Not too much longer before I send a candidate to Apple for release.  I want to thank everyone for the enthusiasm and support.  It really means a lot.  You can also go to the Forum on the game website and talk/chat about the game, ask questions etc.  Currently I am having a really bad problem with spamBots posting long messag…