Friday, December 16, 2016

So during QuestLord, I never found the time to make a proper walk through or Wiki page. 

In fact, most of the fun of creating QuestLord was interacting with people that had 'discovered' or 'figured out my puzzles' on their own. 

However the desire to share this knowledge was taken on by my fans who created a Wiki for QuestLord! Now I will be the first to admit that it is harder to navigate this wiki page to find out the information you are looking for than it is to just play QuestLord. But more than fan art was created from this site, including maps, progress and how to continue.

Again, I am super busy right now with code/art/sound/testing/feeding the cats/ making my wife lunches.... not much time to spend on this, but I will come back and revive this post.

QuestLord 2 promises to have a newer Wiki up much sooner after launch.

Did I just mention QuestLord 2? Well, I should save that for another post. There will be a lot more posts, and soon I will come back and reflect on that along with the more important part... QuestLord 2. :D

Until all then, enjoy the Wiki for QuestLord!

That fan made Wiki on Wikia

Also important to note: If you have any questions you can contact me for customer support any time and for more info on QuestLord 2 follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

QuestLords of fan art!

I got a lot of fan art from QuestLord. But I think the one person that really nailed it and was so fun to interact with was Minawa. 

A Ratkin Wizard by minawa:

A Yeti in a Dungeon:
No automatic alt text available.

Amateria, Seller of Exalted Apples:

Bar Maiden Amy:
(They started to improve on a massive scale)

Image may contain: 1 person

Feneri the Enlightened:
(The delight in seeing these come to life was immense!)

Needless to say I connected with Minawa to give thanks for such inspirational pieces. I enjoyed the art so much that we even worked on a compilation. I drew a picture of woods, then I handed it off to him. Then he drew in 2 characters in those woods! Then I drew a dwarf witnessing the entire thing!

(note:currently busy,  When time permits I will ad the compilation )

For more on Minawa's art

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quest Complete

Earlier this month QuestLord was released to the Android Market on the 3rd, the Kindle Fire Market on the 6th and the iOS market on the 8th.

Today the most important ratings, the customer ratings, stand as follows:


GooglePlay Market

The Reviews

Droid Life - "fantastic example of how mobile games don’t need to be all about high frames per second and amazing graphics. "

Jay is Games - "QuestLord is great."

Indie Retro News - "What makes this game even more unique, is that the replay-ability is higher than what we usually expect with some Dungeon Crawlers"

Gaming Trend - "QuestLord – it’s charming, it was made with a certain presentation and gameplay style in mind, and it delivers."

Phandroid - "QuestLord manages to provide players with enough depth to keep ‘em hooked, while simultaneously keeping it casual enough for newcomers of the genre"

Pocket Gamer - "For the asking price it offers plenty of entertainment"

Hardcore Droid - "It’s a rare mobile game that can handle so many modes of play, but Quest Lord does them all with and 8-bit charm and style."

Touch Arcade - "Assuming you're looking to give dungeon crawlers a try, I'd definitely recommend QuestLord as an introductory taste."

Tuaw - "QuestLord doesn't elicit that feeling of being immediately overwhelmed that I seem to encounter with other dungeon crawlers."

Appys - "This is one of the best retro RPGs yet - and one of the few that really sticks to its guns."

Slide To Play - "Eric Kinkead has done a wonderful job of making a game that will appeal to hardened veterans and newbies alike.

Apple Headlines - "Rather than come off as boring or simple, however, QuestLord feels familiar, like the scent of an old book. Yes, it’s nice to see innovation, and yes, it’s always fun to see developers try something new, but once in a while, it’s great to see someone just stick with the old, and do it really well. That’s what QuestLord is — if you like these old 2D RPGs, you’ll feel right at home here."

Notable mentions about release

IGN - "Gotta love the style of QuestLord"

Ultima Codex - "If you played and loved series such as Might and MagicAkalabeth, or Wizardry, you’ll feel right at home in QuestLord."

Touch Arcade Show - "QuestLord, a Fantastic Game!"

The Gaurdian - "QuestLord will provide a warm glow of nostalgia. But it's a good game in its own right"

Indie Games - "It is a wonderfully pixelated dungeon hacking RPG romp that sports quite a bit more than mere, well, dungeon hacking and even feels more satisfying"

Won a Bronze Award from Pocket Gamer!

Just a sample of being Featured in the App Store

Touch Arcade App / Top New Game

AppAdvice App

Holding strong on Android Market

Took an early lead in TA user forums

Touch Arcade Game of the Week

So, there it is. If you look back at the beginning of this blog you can see that I really had no idea what I wanted to do or make. But sometime early on I got it. It came to me. Probably playing a lot of Ultima 3, it dawned on me what I wanted to make. I wanted to make a mix between the dungeons in Ultima, with the textures of Eye of The Beholder/Lands of Lore, the outside vastness of Ultima IV with tons of characters to interact with and a quest system familiar to that of World of Warcraft.

I couldn't be more happy with the results and I would like to thank everyone along the way who helped me, encouraged me, and play tested for me. When things calm down a bit I will do a proper thank you list for sure.

It looks like I am now officially in business.  :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


First let me start by wishing all of you the best holiday with your friends, family or by yourself.

QuestLord news:

I missed Christmas release, and therefore I missed 2012 release. Too bad. But I don't care about the Christmas sales. If I cared anything about money I would be working in some studio making average run of the mil apps... Or any other game industry job where I would be making 50,000x the money and doing 1/10th the amount of work! (which on many late night weekends, believe me sounds really nice)

And I definitely don't care about complaints that I am taking too long. Holy hangrenades, It's only been 5 months since I announced the game... Since when did the game industry turn into popcorn turn-around. Especially since it's going to be cheaper than a cup of coffee. Relax. Wait.

For all the game reviewers out there who might be disapointed that they ran with a story for a game that missed the date a few times... uh.. don't know what to say about that only either cut me some slack for the tremendous amount of work one person undertook or ... yeah, don't know where to go with that.

What I do know is the game is better for it. That is all I care about in the end.

Currently I am more than pleased to announce that the game is for the most part finished. All of the graphics, maps, playability, ending, intros, npc Types, all of it. DONE! And in typical CRPG fashion... It is MASSIVE!

The Shattered Realm, Where QuestLord takes place. Each Square is a map! (with the exception of a few mountains and the tiny decorative isles.)
I am fortunate that I have such awesome and a patient group of play-testers. They have been with me for a long while (ever since I announced and some before!). So they should expect the arrival of the game in a few days. I am playing through it currently. Wondering if its good. But I am getting positive responses from the people I show it to so it's testing time. Check the inboxes in the next few days.


Now. Enough of this tonight. This is why I am really fortunate. And the reason why I even jumped on the computer to make another blog entry...

I am REALLY fortunate to have the best partner, best friend, and fiance, anyone could ever imagine. She has stuck by me 100% through this crazy run of making my dream come true of developing a CRPG style mobile game completely by myself. I never imagined I would be able to meet someone in my life who would be so accepting and loving of what I do no matter what.

Tonight we celebrated our 2nd Christmas together and I must say she brought the magic. Just look at this fabulous bounty!!!

WAHOOO!!!! The glasses are fantastic! I love old retro pint glasses. I actually also have an original Mrs.Pac Man glass from a long time ago. The LED Keychain Ghost lights up soo bright, and make a lot of cool noise. . Definitely going to cause some shenanigans with that!  Robot Piggy Bank?!?! RAD!  He now sits by my computer and I am already starting to fill him up with loose change I find around the place! The Giant Lego Head Container was a total surprise! I think I am going to either fill it with art supplies or maybe start to collect legos! And the Apple iTunes gift card was just the icing on the cake!  (Do I really need to go into the new underware? Essential!)

I was able to scrape together the last of my money to get her matching number of gifts as well! I think the coffee machine and Budgie shirt were a hit. But honestly, she is so wonderful, kind and giving that I probably didn't need to give her ANYTHING and she would still be happy.

That is how lucky I am. Amy Barron, I love you so much!

Our little holiday party snacks! What would a holiday blog post be without food!?!

Have fun everyone!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

QuestLord Dev Update:Happy 1 year anniversary

Once again I am addressing my blog with an apology for not blogging. :| I have a good excuse though, I have been working furiously to get QuestLord out the door. And things are looking very good, the game is right on the horizon. The light at the end of the tunnel has become so bright I have to wear sunglasses and I can now see the train station!

Until then... Have you heard about this game called QuestLord? You might if you are in the Houston area...

Front Page!


Also note, when I say "we" as in "Right now we have about 120 maps" I am speaking of course of the entire QuestLord team. Amy, my lovely fiance who has put up with this entire ordeal of me making this game.(I couldn't have done it without her) And of course my cat of 16 years, Tiny Toons.

Seeing yourself in an interview is so much different than doing a self made video. If I sound unenthusiastic I have to chalk it up to nerves. Please understand that I am just as enthusiastic as I was when I started this game. :D

Over all this has been a fantastic journey and I wouldn't trade a bit of this experience for a cubicle job. However this is very much subject to change as I wrap this game up and look for my next development journey. But the ups and the downs. The highs and lows. It has all been worth it. I think my game is a good reflection of myself and my skills. I really hope everyone enjoys it. I believe for the price of $1.99 and the amount of game play you get out of it, that it will be worth it for the customer.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Bill Stiernberg of ZEYBOD Games for showing up in this interview as well!  Really helps validate the style and retro factor of the game I am working on. He is a total pro and an all around awesome guy. Check out their game Penny Arcade Precipice of Darkness 3 

Ok, back to work. Very busy this week.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


It has come to my attention that most of the viewers of my game are male.  I completely expected this.  From looking at the YouTube video it breaks down as such...

Top demographics

Male, 35-44 years
Male, 25-34 years
Male, 45-54 years

Now unlike many of my other games I created for the Nintendo market, QuestLord doesn't really allow the player to specify if they want to be male or female.  In fact it completely skips that.  However there is nothing to say that your character you create IS female or male.  That is completely up to the player.    The only thing you see of your player are your arms, and unless you expect a female character to have pink painted finger nails, it is purely up to the player's imagination.  I rather like this idea as it allows for more of the blanks to be filled in by the player for what they want out of my fantasy game.  

As for the story, I have always admired fantasy genres that have strong female characters and even females that really do not progress the story in an adversarial way.

I believe it creates a more balanced world and brings a higher level of interest to the story.  Many females are present in the fantasy that I watch and read from various roles of good to evil, timid to ferocious.  I believe that having a well balanced cross section just advances the story further.

QuestLord will definitely show this in the story and non player characters that you meet.  The story advances through a series of Quests given to you by male and female alike. 
Small sampling of the female characters, from warrior, enchantress to barmaid.
My current work is about escapism, not social statements.  QuestLord is very loosely based on norse and nomadic mythos and modern day fantasy.  Do I think having females in prominent rolls will broaden my demographic to include more female fans?  I don't really think so, but if it helps female players enjoy my game more then I will be very happy.  Was that the point?  Not at all.
From Life, Death and Resurrection, the role of females in QuestLord is inescapable.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


So.  Where were we?  Oh of course!    QUESTLORD!

Progress has been coming along at a nice steady clip!  And here is one new way I show that progress.  There is this thing called Screenshot Saturdays, not sure who runs it but, whomever does is doing the indie community a HUGE favor.

I made it in time last week.  This week however it appears that I might have missed the deadline, I think the actual day for the Saturday might be on the Tower of London timetable.  So here is the shot that was uploaded at 10:30 Central time and I guess missed the deadline.

Here we see the player swinging his/her sword at the Gates of HammerStone.  Testing out the Japanese translation of 'You Missed!'  (iPhone)

This screenshot actually made it in the previous weekend of  #screenshotsaturday, And you can see that Lady Telefin tells you something encouraging yet wise in French. (iPad)

So the game is progressing right along and I hope to do my most thorough beta test yet at the end of this week.  Not too much longer before I send a candidate to Apple for release.  I want to thank everyone for the enthusiasm and support.  It really means a lot.  You can also go to the Forum on the game website and talk/chat about the game, ask questions etc.  Currently I am having a really bad problem with spamBots posting long messages about prescription pills, but I trim it daily and I am looking for better measures to prevent such action.  However it is way down the list of my huge tasks.  If anyone knows PHPbb and would like to admin the thing for me, by all means get a hold of me and be my guest.

In other things, well there aren't other things.  Everything at this point is QuestLord, QuestLord, QuestLord.  Hmmm.. let me see if I can think of some stuff...

Oh here is something.  I listen to a lot of Dungeons & Dorks rock when I work, obviously.  The more fantasy nerdball the better.  But this is not to say I don't believe I have equisite taste in music!  One of my favorite bands I have seen in about 7 cities ranging from San Antonio where they headlined to 5 to 6 people at the show, to New Orleans where they opened up for Metallica.  They have toured all over the world and have grown quite a following since I got their first demo and shirt way back in 2005.  The band is The Sword.  And they are almost done with their new album.  Well according to JD Cronise, they are done.  I guess just the mastering and album art production needs to go together to make it all complete, then the world gets another great album by a great band.

Also the previous post before this one really meant a lot to me.  But I took it out, it was just too personal the loss of my friend who worked here in Houston at N.A.S.A..  I know things like that can break the mood, but then again... This is my personal blog, I don't follow a company stance here so you will see things like that from time to time as life takes us all on such a bumpy ride.  It was hard to have such a great guy pass.  It was oddly timed with the arrival of N.A.S.A. on mars.
I am honored and proud to have him along for the ride with me on this blog of mine in spirit.  

"Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life"
                                                         -J.R.R. Tolkien

Oh!  More on #screenshotsaturday can be found at the website.  Also this is super interesting... I stumbled upon what appears to be Notch's submission for a screenshotsaturday.  It looks like an early version of Minecraft, meets a Dungeon Crawler.  I know that Markus is a fan of Dungeon Master 2 from previous posts on another forum that had a thread about Legend of Grimrock.  So I found this super interesting to see what appears to be an attempt to create an fps style hybrid of the old dungeon crawler systems. It appears to have many more world pieces than QuestLord.    You can only take these first person 2D faux 3D engines so far before it is actually better just to build a full 3D or 3D Voxel system.  In my case, I am sticking to the more traditional method (Eye of The Beholder, Ultima III-IV dungeons, Lands of Lore)  for this particular game style I am currently making.   There is also a good article on #screenshotsaturday and all things indie and cool at owvideogames, including a nice bit about my work!  Apparently the ladies love me. ;)  oh, Here is that link to that early Notch prototype...

So that's it for this blog update. Keep an eye out this weekend for #screenshotsaturday if I can remember to post it before tea time ends! 
God Save that Queen, Bloody Hell, and Bugger All Money! (Whatever all that means!)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Major Staff Changes affect QuestLord

This weekend, with heavy heart, we bid farewell to ASS SLAYER THE SPINE DESTROYER.  He has served me well with his own unique style.  Although he was relentless and brutal and did things in his own way, he propped me up with an unforgiving amount of courage and economy.

I welcome with open arms and depleting bank accounts,  FEATHER THRONE SOFT SEAT!   Hailing from the kingdom of Staples, this level 10 'Spellcaster of Sitting' is bringing her own show-floor-model brand of economy (somewhat) and experience (definitely, thank you Staples beta sit testers).

In other news of the Realm, Last week was a Major Rager as far as success for the announcement of QuestLord.  I never expected to strike such a nerve with major App sites such as:

TOUCH ARCADE:  (they open with IT LOOKS COOL!)


POCKET GAMER:  (they open with my NAME!)

Both articles seemed to really get the fact that I reserved a lot of the screen for buttons.  Your fingers cover those areas up anyway and I never have understood why so many games try to claim underneath that area for in game real estate.

Also Amazing Alex is leaning up against my game article!  That was REALLY cool!  What a good time to get a write up as Rovio announced it's second major world wide release franchise!

And finally, I launched my first limited Phase 1 Beta last night.  Things are on the move.  I can't thank everyone enough for all the support and encouragement I have received! I hope to turn this into a great product for everyone.