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QuestLord Dev Update:Happy 1 year anniversary

Once again I am addressing my blog with an apology for not blogging. :| I have a good excuse though, I have been working furiously to get QuestLord out the door. And things are looking very good, the game is right on the horizon. The light at the end of the tunnel has become so bright I have to wear sunglasses and I can now see the train station! Until then... Have you heard about this game called QuestLord? You might if you are in the Houston area... I was interviewed by My Fox Houston here in my headquarters!! Front Page! "Yay" Also note, when I say "we" as in "Right now we have about 120 maps" I am speaking of course of the entire QuestLord team. Amy, my lovely fiance who has put up with this entire ordeal of me making this game.(I couldn't have done it without her) And of course my cat of 16 years, Tiny Toons. Seeing yourself in an interview is so much different than doing a self made video. If I sound unenthusiastic I have to cha