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Quasi-Fame Status re-Unlocked! .0001%

At Inversion Coffee today, one of the Baristas (who's band I have adoringly seen a few times) made a remark to me about programming... and then said, "That's what you do right?" "Well yea, I do.", I replied. "Yea, you make Apps right?" :) Apparently my facebooking/tweeting/blogging or other social media addictions have earned me .00001% of quasi-fame status here in Houston!    Hey!  I will take it!  Of course I was talking to a guy whose band has been featured in, NPR and has recently done tours all over the United States!  So it felt more like a scenario of a much more quasi-famous guy re-inducting what used to be a quasi-famous guy back into the fold. Something Fierce Play this while you read!  Get pumped! Luckily it has been a very rainy morning so their power had been out.  It was quite slow, I realized what is usually a very busy coffee shop became a good opportunity to show a quick demo of my game. So out co

Quest: Pacific Northwest Adventure - Complete!

Take forever over here... I guess if I miss a month or two it's ok.  I want to post some substance rather than act like some genius game designer who feels the need to give a self validating blah-blah all the time.  But I am long over due for a check in so lets do this. Ok... As far as developing a mobile/iOS game by myself,  I knew it would not be easy...  I am not talking about developing some arcade clone 'me too', 'lets try to get in on some App money', hackity hack ...  I am talking about developing a game that ' I would want to play '.   Let's be honest.  Most people do not get to do that, especially people in the game business on a corporate level.  I have seen a lot of people I know all the sudden become enthusiast of some kind of sport, or subject matter that, well... was of no interest to them before they got that 'licensed game' to work on or before they had to get stuck on sequel number 7.  And I am guilty of that myself and will p