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Major Staff Changes affect QuestLord

This weekend, with heavy heart, we bid farewell to ASS SLAYER THE SPINE DESTROYER .  He has served me well with his own unique style.  Although he was relentless and brutal and did things in his own way, he propped me up with an unforgiving amount of courage and economy. I welcome with open arms and depleting bank accounts,  FEATHER THRONE SOFT SEAT!   Hailing from the kingdom of Staples, this level 10 'Spellcaster of Sitting' is bringing her own show-floor-model brand of economy (somewhat) and experience (definitely, thank you Staples beta sit testers). In other news of the Realm, Last week was a Major Rager as far as success for the announcement of QuestLord.  I never expected to strike such a nerve with major App sites such as: TOUCH ARCADE:  (they open with IT LOOKS COOL!) and POCKET GAMER:  (they open with my NAME!)


And so it begins.  My game is now in a state where I feel comfortable sharing it finally.  It's been a long ride, and there is a lot more to travel.  But I am more than pleased to announce the website, the screenshots, the video, the whole deal. I recommend full screen and or viewing this on my games main page.  But for the sake of just getting to it finally... Here is my game... I actually tested the waters with this video this weekend... It might be a little redundant, because if you are at this website then you know who I am. :)  But still you can see that my game does actually run on a device and all of this craziness is coming to a conclusion. please support, link, share and re-tweet.  Thanks.