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Lava Level LIVES!

Things are erupting at Lava Level Time to announce the official site! !  Company Website! clean, simple and to the point.  As more content comes in (Apps actually ready for purchase) I plan to make the website more fancy.  But not too fancy.  I look at this as more of an online business card. However I will link the facebook fanpage into it as well. Go LIKE it...   That gem of a link is here...  Nothing fancy.  No big roll out.  I've already rolled myself out big enough (haha), and this is more or less a business card of that work.  A lot of the promotional fluff I plan to build while I nervously await Apple approval for my app.  That takes a week or two. On a much more exciting note, last month I registered the name of my game as a .com and parked .net !    I am so stoked for that, and that page will host most of the information about my App I am creating.  including Links to the various stores/markets for your mobile device, game blurb, video of g

Led Zeppelin RPG building playlist

Has it really been 2 1/2 months since my blog post? It appears I have a syndrome of convincing myself that my game is always two weeks out.  lol. SORRY!    I kept thinking it was last week.  Actually things are moving along swimmingly. I am happy to report that I have been working diligently on my game...except for the last two weeks.  I got in kind of a bind financially and had to join an art contract company called The Creative Group to make ends meet.  Well, that actually hasn't produced much work, which was fine by me. I was happy as a pickle to be working on my game full time and my game has actually benefited greatly from it! So....  They call me up out of the blue and give me a job.  And well, I had to take it.  For a few weeks.  It has actually been 2 weeks and 2 days.  And it has thrown my work off track like CRAZY!  The gig is contract, so it sucks that it is right in the middle of content creation, but the gig is almsost over (it will be done by next week then ba