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First let me start by wishing all of you the best holiday with your friends, family or by yourself. QuestLord news: I missed Christmas release, and therefore I missed 2012 release. Too bad. But I don't care about the Christmas sales. If I cared anything about money I would be working in some studio making average run of the mil apps... Or any other game industry job where I would be making 50,000x the money and doing 1/10th the amount of work! (which on many late night weekends, believe me sounds really nice) And I definitely don't care about complaints that I am taking too long. Holy hangrenades, It's only been 5 months since I announced the game... Since when did the game industry turn into popcorn turn-around. Especially since it's going to be cheaper than a cup of coffee. Relax. Wait. For all the game reviewers out there who might be disapointed that they ran with a story for a game that missed the date a few times... uh.. don't know what to say abou