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Quest Complete

Earlier this month QuestLord was released to the Android Market on the 3rd, the Kindle Fire Market on the 6th and the iOS market on the 8th. Today the most important ratings, the customer ratings, stand as follows: iStore GooglePlay Market The Reviews Droid Life  - " fantastic example of how mobile games don’t need to be all about high frames per second and amazing graphics.  " Jay is Games  - " QuestLord is great. " Indie Retro News  - " What makes this game even more unique, is that the replay-ability is higher than what we usually expect with some Dungeon Crawlers " Gaming Trend  - " QuestLord – it’s charming, it was made with a certain presentation and gameplay style in mind, and it delivers. " Phandroid  - " QuestLord manages to provide players with enough depth to keep ‘em hooked, while simultaneously keeping it casual enough for newcomers of the genre " Pocket Gamer  - " For the aski