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Put this in your Pack and smoke it...

(Not Literally... note : smoking cloth armor is bad for your health I do not condone it, plus it makes your mom upset) Dear Blog, I haven't forgotten you.  I have just been very busy.  Why haven't I shared what I am working on?  Because I think it will have a bigger impact when it is finished or close to finished. As earlier you might have read that I have been in bliss lately working on a game.  Complete and utter bliss.  So I am going to share an image from that game.  This was the first image I showed in my irc channel of developers I visit everyday.  Firsts reactions were 'NES' !  (Nintendo Entertainment System).  I think this has to do more with the Heart button, and the Heart Inventory slot more than the actual pixelated style, although those two together do smack of NES games.   And of course I made a Link type outfit which probably really brings it home as 'NES'. But once I post images of the game, that should be erased.  While the game retains t

New place to be!

8bit Rocket is at it again!  Yes, I have become a screaming ranting fan of all things 8bit Rocket, as noted from earlier posts. One thing that I never liked though was the forum on their website.  And I love forums hosted by code book authors. (Rex Van Der Spuy .. what happened to you?!?!)  The forum was tiny... smushed into the websites content frame, and FULL of bots promoting Jomla.  I am a huge proponent of social community for developers to discuss and talk all things code.  I believe firmly that if you can not share your knowledge to someone else, then you don't really know it in the first place. yes, this is another reference to LOTR.  See a trend in my interests? Well happy days are here, as their new forum is up and live!  Cool colored, crisply laid out, easy to read and familiar, this forum will be a regular stop on my morning, evening and general breaks I take during the day, strolling through the wilderness of the internet.  A picture of the Green Dragon in H

Are you a Game Developer or are you a Game Developer?

Whenever I want to get inspired, I think back to the earliest days of Electronic Arts, making their games look like album covers and prominently showing pictures of the developers referred to as 'artists' like rock stars.  Where have all my heroes gone. Some have passed away.  Some are still in the business at a variety of high profile positions that make me wonder if their earlier work was just more inspiring to me than it was to them.  I think back of those days of one person making something great, maybe with a few other people.  I think back to the days when my cousin and I formed ACES HIGH and made games for the Atari ST.  We released them  before even graduating high school.  Everytime I think of those days something inside me has burned with desire. Now my cousin has gone off into the corporate world of computer programming with no hint of returning since 1993. I have had my series of ups and downs in the computer game development world.  From being employed at a v