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It has come to my attention that most of the viewers of my game are male.  I completely expected this.  From looking at the YouTube video it breaks down as such... Top demographics Male, 35-44 years Male, 25-34 years Male, 45-54 years Now unlike many of my other games I created for the Nintendo market, QuestLord doesn't really allow the player to specify if they want to be male or female.  In fact it completely skips that.  However there is nothing to say that your character you create IS female or male.  That is completely up to the player.    The only thing you see of your player are your arms, and unless you expect a female character to have pink painted finger nails, it is purely up to the player's imagination.  I rather like this idea as it allows for more of the blanks to be filled in by the player for what they want out of my fantasy game.   As for the story, I have always admired fantasy genres that have strong female characters and even females that really do not