Put this in your Pack and smoke it...

(Not Literally... note: smoking cloth armor is bad for your health I do not condone it, plus it makes your mom upset)

Dear Blog,

I haven't forgotten you.  I have just been very busy.  Why haven't I shared what I am working on?  Because I think it will have a bigger impact when it is finished or close to finished.

As earlier you might have read that I have been in bliss lately working on a game.  Complete and utter bliss.  So I am going to share an image from that game.  This was the first image I showed in my irc channel of developers I visit everyday.  Firsts reactions were 'NES' !  (Nintendo Entertainment System).  I think this has to do more with the Heart button, and the Heart Inventory slot more than the actual pixelated style, although those two together do smack of NES games.   And of course I made a Link type outfit which probably really brings it home as 'NES'.

But once I post images of the game, that should be erased.  While the game retains the same style, It is done differently than anything I have yet seen on an iPhone/iPad/Kindle/Droid device.  My game will be cross compatible with all modern mobile devices.  (except Windows Mobile, I am hoping Windows Mobile dies a slow and painful death and eats it.  Awful management and I can't stand their goals that would cause further market split )

So why am I going old school pixel?  3 main reasons...

1.  I love that style. (most important)
2.  I can make that style, and rather quickly (I am doing EVERYTHING on this game)
3.  It is reminiscent of the old school CRPG era that I am shooting for.

So without further ado... behold!  INVENTORY SCREEN !!

More to come soon...


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