Lava Level LIVES!

Things are erupting at Lava Level

Time to announce the official site! !  Company Website!

clean, simple and to the point.  As more content comes in (Apps actually ready for purchase) I plan to make the website more fancy.  But not too fancy.  I look at this as more of an online business card.

However I will link the facebook fanpage into it as well. Go LIKE it...  That gem of a link is here... 

Nothing fancy.  No big roll out.  I've already rolled myself out big enough (haha), and this is more or less a business card of that work.  A lot of the promotional fluff I plan to build while I nervously await Apple approval for my app.  That takes a week or two.

On a much more exciting note, last month I registered the name of my game as a .com and parked .net !    I am so stoked for that, and that page will host most of the information about my App I am creating.  including Links to the various stores/markets for your mobile device, game blurb, video of game play, screen shots, news and of course a forum for players to interact with each other and myself about the game!

I plan on creating a community with this game.  For the iPhone/iPad, I plan on always adding new content down the road for the players to adventure through.   As soon as 'in app purchases' (IAP) are available for Android with my SDK then I plan on releasing for the droid.  Not sure about the Nook and Kindle at the moment, until I get IAP for those, I think I will hold off on their release.

iPhone first.

ok, back to work... lots of content to send through the pipeline!
Back to work on all these rad levels coming down the assembly line!


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