Quest: Pacific Northwest Adventure - Complete!

Take forever over here... I guess if I miss a month or two it's ok.  I want to post some substance rather than act like some genius game designer who feels the need to give a self validating blah-blah all the time.  But I am long over due for a check in so lets do this.

Ok... As far as developing a mobile/iOS game by myself,  I knew it would not be easy...  I am not talking about developing some arcade clone 'me too', 'lets try to get in on some App money', hackity hack...  I am talking about developing a game that 'I would want to play'.   Let's be honest.  Most people do not get to do that, especially people in the game business on a corporate level.  I have seen a lot of people I know all the sudden become enthusiast of some kind of sport, or subject matter that, well... was of no interest to them before they got that 'licensed game' to work on or before they had to get stuck on sequel number 7.  And I am guilty of that myself and will probably be at some point in the future.

Either way, when making a game that you honestly want to make you burn creative energy really fast as the desire has been pent up for so long to do just that.  A break before the end to prevent burnout is sometimes necessary... and boy, oh boy, did I get one.  My fiance's parents were so kind to include me on her visit to Sitka Alaska to visit them!

Leaving was tough as it felt like I was creating a huge hole in my game development.  But that eased when I just accepted that the game in its current shape was in good standing.  So to reward myself for such hard efforts I broke down and bought this awesome shirt that was waiting for me on my return!

Getting away gave me time to think about what needed to be done.  How I should release the game to the public.  What the best chances of the most people seeing/playing my game? (this is most important to me as I would rather have a ton of people play it and make less money, than make average iOS returns and hardly anyone know about it or have the chance to at least load it).  Plane rides have a way of forcing one to either take time to think, or sleep.  Both of which I very much needed.
Drawing designs for the game on the plane

I will not be able to do the trip justice in this blog by trying to describe the thrill of visiting the places I have been.  It was amazing seeing the Tlingit totem poles nestled in the moss covered north American Forests. and clear water creeks that had turned into gushing waterfalls and sprang from mountain glaciers.

Tlingit Totem

Tlingit Totems

I was in such awe at the craftsmanship and longevity.

The wildlife was incredible.  Ravens are definitely high up on my list now as favorite animals as we heard them every day.  People in Texas like to think of themselves as 'good old country folk', but honestly most of them are only exposed to dogs and cats on a daily basis and they take no time to look at the birds that are displaced by over development.  Going through the list I saw (besides dogs and cats), bald eagles (at least 50+), ravens, ducks, a bunny, chickens, roosters, jellyfish, a sea lion (!), mini squirrel thing, and of course the rockfish I let go that I like to call Merlin...
Merlin the Murloc RockFish!
But that doesn't include the other animals we saw at attractions.  The Fortress of the Bear was a super impressive place that rehabilitated and retired certain brown and black bears that are in trouble and could not be re released to the wild for a variety of reasons.
This guy just woke up from a nap.
Impressive sign!  Not to mention, nice backdrop!

Eric Kinkead at Fortress of the Bear
Check out those bears!

Amy has bears in the background too!!

Then there was the Raptor Center...  These birds impressed me so much.  I still can not get over how awesome and huge they are.
This guy is the oldest resident.

The wise snow owl checks us out!  Who is watching Who? (pun intended)

Many are to be kept for retirement, but unlike the bears, the birds of prey that seem to be independent enough will be released back into the wilderness.  Most of the eagles I saw were actually in the wilderness and in the town of Sitka (high up in the trees, often swooping down in the docks).  But I never got to see them up close until the Raptor Center.

The surrounding area on the island was more beautiful than I ever imagined before this trip began.  It is so unspoiled by human development.
Cruise Time.  Embodiment of the wrong way to do things.

The view from our boat.  Much more up close and personal.

Success.  Insert Canadian rock band RUSH lyrics here.

The human development that is in the town of Sitka, makes me feel right at home. :)
This is a street named after the First Governor, chased off by the Presbyterians.
In the end we did a night in one of my favorite cities/areas, Seattle Washington.  We decided before we left to pack some nice clothes and do it up right in Seattle by visiting the Space Needle on it's 50th year anniversary.  It was finished in 1962 for the Century 21 themed Worlds Fair. I imagined what it must have been like for Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos to walk the fairgrounds as children (as is reported) and get inspired about their future.  I love Seattle.  I have applied at many locations there and in the surrounding areas and I am always up for any opportunity to work and live there.  I have a lot of friends in that area, yet so far no luck finding any employment there.  Hopefully something will open up, a company will realize value of my experience and I can get that chance.

Wow!  I have always wanted to see this!
On the Space Needle with the love of my life, and the source of my inspiration.
In the meantime... As I wrapped up this journey in the great Pacific Northwest, my thoughts return to a journey I started seven months back here in my home of Texas.  This blog does not actually document a lot of the day to day ins and outs of that work, and is more of an overall view of myself as a game creator.

And as a game creator for over 24+ years I have really learned to enjoy the position I am at currently.  It might not be as glamorous or financially comfortable as many of my friends that are currently heading off to e3 to show off their current work.  But I just can't pass up this unique position to create a game completely by myself.  While the pitfalls of working in a corporate setting are gone, other pitfalls exist.  However I am up for the challenge.  And I look very forward to presenting it to the public really soon.  I have come to the realization that while most of the delay has been technical, some of the delay has been personal as I really don't want this part of the journey to come to an end.

"From the point of ignition
To the final drive
The point of a journey
Is not to arrive

Anything can happen..."
                                                                                     -Neil Peart / Rush, Prime Mover


  1. A great trip! Sorry we didn't meet up while you were in Seattle. Guess you'll need to do it all over again soon but with an extra evening free!


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