It has come to my attention that most of the viewers of my game are male.  I completely expected this.  From looking at the YouTube video it breaks down as such...

Top demographics

Male, 35-44 years
Male, 25-34 years
Male, 45-54 years

Now unlike many of my other games I created for the Nintendo market, QuestLord doesn't really allow the player to specify if they want to be male or female.  In fact it completely skips that.  However there is nothing to say that your character you create IS female or male.  That is completely up to the player.    The only thing you see of your player are your arms, and unless you expect a female character to have pink painted finger nails, it is purely up to the player's imagination.  I rather like this idea as it allows for more of the blanks to be filled in by the player for what they want out of my fantasy game.  

As for the story, I have always admired fantasy genres that have strong female characters and even females that really do not progress the story in an adversarial way.

I believe it creates a more balanced world and brings a higher level of interest to the story.  Many females are present in the fantasy that I watch and read from various roles of good to evil, timid to ferocious.  I believe that having a well balanced cross section just advances the story further.

QuestLord will definitely show this in the story and non player characters that you meet.  The story advances through a series of Quests given to you by male and female alike. 
Small sampling of the female characters, from warrior, enchantress to barmaid.
My current work is about escapism, not social statements.  QuestLord is very loosely based on norse and nomadic mythos and modern day fantasy.  Do I think having females in prominent rolls will broaden my demographic to include more female fans?  I don't really think so, but if it helps female players enjoy my game more then I will be very happy.  Was that the point?  Not at all.
From Life, Death and Resurrection, the role of females in QuestLord is inescapable.


  1. I've been lurking, waiting, watching this game for quite a while. If you are still looking for beta testers, I'd love to help. Also I'm all about female empowerment but I find that it's problematic in the context of might=right. I guess magic offsets that; it probably depends on how many wizards you've got per capita.

    yeahjim at gmail dot com

  2. Just played QuestLord, and I LOVED Kara Rokblade. Not playing her as much as the existence of a lady dwarven warrior. No taken elven enchantress as an NPC, but a named player character who fights and isn't wearing a battle bikini!!! Well done!



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