First let me start by wishing all of you the best holiday with your friends, family or by yourself.

QuestLord news:

I missed Christmas release, and therefore I missed 2012 release. Too bad. But I don't care about the Christmas sales. If I cared anything about money I would be working in some studio making average run of the mil apps... Or any other game industry job where I would be making 50,000x the money and doing 1/10th the amount of work! (which on many late night weekends, believe me sounds really nice)

And I definitely don't care about complaints that I am taking too long. Holy hangrenades, It's only been 5 months since I announced the game... Since when did the game industry turn into popcorn turn-around. Especially since it's going to be cheaper than a cup of coffee. Relax. Wait.

For all the game reviewers out there who might be disapointed that they ran with a story for a game that missed the date a few times... uh.. don't know what to say about that only either cut me some slack for the tremendous amount of work one person undertook or ... yeah, don't know where to go with that.

What I do know is the game is better for it. That is all I care about in the end.

Currently I am more than pleased to announce that the game is for the most part finished. All of the graphics, maps, playability, ending, intros, npc Types, all of it. DONE! And in typical CRPG fashion... It is MASSIVE!

The Shattered Realm, Where QuestLord takes place. Each Square is a map! (with the exception of a few mountains and the tiny decorative isles.)
I am fortunate that I have such awesome and a patient group of play-testers. They have been with me for a long while (ever since I announced and some before!). So they should expect the arrival of the game in a few days. I am playing through it currently. Wondering if its good. But I am getting positive responses from the people I show it to so it's testing time. Check the inboxes in the next few days.


Now. Enough of this tonight. This is why I am really fortunate. And the reason why I even jumped on the computer to make another blog entry...

I am REALLY fortunate to have the best partner, best friend, and fiance, anyone could ever imagine. She has stuck by me 100% through this crazy run of making my dream come true of developing a CRPG style mobile game completely by myself. I never imagined I would be able to meet someone in my life who would be so accepting and loving of what I do no matter what.

Tonight we celebrated our 2nd Christmas together and I must say she brought the magic. Just look at this fabulous bounty!!!

WAHOOO!!!! The glasses are fantastic! I love old retro pint glasses. I actually also have an original Mrs.Pac Man glass from a long time ago. The LED Keychain Ghost lights up soo bright, and make a lot of cool noise. . Definitely going to cause some shenanigans with that!  Robot Piggy Bank?!?! RAD!  He now sits by my computer and I am already starting to fill him up with loose change I find around the place! The Giant Lego Head Container was a total surprise! I think I am going to either fill it with art supplies or maybe start to collect legos! And the Apple iTunes gift card was just the icing on the cake!  (Do I really need to go into the new underware? Essential!)

I was able to scrape together the last of my money to get her matching number of gifts as well! I think the coffee machine and Budgie shirt were a hit. But honestly, she is so wonderful, kind and giving that I probably didn't need to give her ANYTHING and she would still be happy.

That is how lucky I am. Amy Barron, I love you so much!

Our little holiday party snacks! What would a holiday blog post be without food!?!

Have fun everyone!


  1. Congrats!

    I'm also developing an old shool crpg. You can have a look at my blog.

    I'll buy and play your game! Keep up good work.


    1. forgot my blog: http://crankgaming.blogspot.de/

  2. oh wait....

    I think I saw this... OH YEA!!! I did ! on .... LOVE! right? Looks tight man! My game released! It's a we bit ore old school than yours (not getting into a im more old school than you thing, lol) because I dont and didnt want to use strafes. Wanted to do more of Ultima 1-3 dungeons w/textures, large outdoor areas like Ultima3 and people to talk to like Ultima 3. I think there is a lot of room for variation in the medium. I am going to contact you. Very interested in your game. Would love to see it come to completion and I will be an advocate of yours. You can count on that.

    1. Hey Eric, thanks.

      Yes LOVE. It also runs on Love-Android and Love-Webplayer. So not only Linux, Mac and Win. We are currently working on a first demo version. When it's done i'd like to share it to you for feedback.

      So you took Corona for the game?



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