Quest Complete

Earlier this month QuestLord was released to the Android Market on the 3rd, the Kindle Fire Market on the 6th and the iOS market on the 8th.

Today the most important ratings, the customer ratings, stand as follows:


GooglePlay Market

The Reviews

Droid Life - "fantastic example of how mobile games don’t need to be all about high frames per second and amazing graphics. "

Jay is Games - "QuestLord is great."

Indie Retro News - "What makes this game even more unique, is that the replay-ability is higher than what we usually expect with some Dungeon Crawlers"

Gaming Trend - "QuestLord – it’s charming, it was made with a certain presentation and gameplay style in mind, and it delivers."

Phandroid - "QuestLord manages to provide players with enough depth to keep ‘em hooked, while simultaneously keeping it casual enough for newcomers of the genre"

Pocket Gamer - "For the asking price it offers plenty of entertainment"

Hardcore Droid - "It’s a rare mobile game that can handle so many modes of play, but Quest Lord does them all with and 8-bit charm and style."

Touch Arcade - "Assuming you're looking to give dungeon crawlers a try, I'd definitely recommend QuestLord as an introductory taste."

Tuaw - "QuestLord doesn't elicit that feeling of being immediately overwhelmed that I seem to encounter with other dungeon crawlers."

Appys - "This is one of the best retro RPGs yet - and one of the few that really sticks to its guns."

Slide To Play - "Eric Kinkead has done a wonderful job of making a game that will appeal to hardened veterans and newbies alike.

Apple Headlines - "Rather than come off as boring or simple, however, QuestLord feels familiar, like the scent of an old book. Yes, it’s nice to see innovation, and yes, it’s always fun to see developers try something new, but once in a while, it’s great to see someone just stick with the old, and do it really well. That’s what QuestLord is — if you like these old 2D RPGs, you’ll feel right at home here."

Notable mentions about release

IGN - "Gotta love the style of QuestLord"

Ultima Codex - "If you played and loved series such as Might and MagicAkalabeth, or Wizardry, you’ll feel right at home in QuestLord."

Touch Arcade Show - "QuestLord, a Fantastic Game!"

The Gaurdian - "QuestLord will provide a warm glow of nostalgia. But it's a good game in its own right"

Indie Games - "It is a wonderfully pixelated dungeon hacking RPG romp that sports quite a bit more than mere, well, dungeon hacking and even feels more satisfying"

Won a Bronze Award from Pocket Gamer!

Just a sample of being Featured in the App Store

Touch Arcade App / Top New Game

AppAdvice App

Holding strong on Android Market

Took an early lead in TA user forums

Touch Arcade Game of the Week

So, there it is. If you look back at the beginning of this blog you can see that I really had no idea what I wanted to do or make. But sometime early on I got it. It came to me. Probably playing a lot of Ultima 3, it dawned on me what I wanted to make. I wanted to make a mix between the dungeons in Ultima, with the textures of Eye of The Beholder/Lands of Lore, the outside vastness of Ultima IV with tons of characters to interact with and a quest system familiar to that of World of Warcraft.

I couldn't be more happy with the results and I would like to thank everyone along the way who helped me, encouraged me, and play tested for me. When things calm down a bit I will do a proper thank you list for sure.

It looks like I am now officially in business.  :)


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