On secrets and scandals!

Typical Warning:***possible QuestLord 1 Spoilers, enjoy them! ***

So back when the game came out, I think on a TouchArcade forum I was going on about the secret of the Rabbit. What happened to that?!

I don't talk much about the rabbit. 

Well basically I put it in and then had another update to do. When that update was done, I realized that I had left out the rabbit and had worked on an early pre-rabbit-developed code base. :(

It was really broken secret code, so i did have versions planned for that one. 

After you get the carrot from the Palace (a place that sadly no longer exists) you do like in most QuestLord secrets and you drop the item someplace in Kyre in front of trees and the trees in front of you animate so a bunny comes out.  :D  If you have the amulet of Tanjee you can talk to the animal and get healed.

I hope I didn't make anyone feel baited, my reaction would be "pfft...gufaw... not at all!" In fact in the tileset on everyone's game there are still vestige remains of that bunny secret! Check them out:

The vestige carrot item still in the icons sheet 

I really liked this background for the Palace. Alas, it only lives an unused resource. (Until a possible revamp update?!)

However, to keep the legacy alive, I do plan to sometime rewrite QuestLord, in fact a few times over now that I have written it so many times. Unfortunately there will be major rewriting and I wouldn't plan to be able to have that started until Fall. But I'll talk about that possibility a long time from now. 

In the meantime let us get to the secrets that do exist that you might want to check out.

To win the game there are 3-4 main basic steps. Outlined in these images

Step 1, Collect the Shards

Step 2, Rebuild the Orb

Step 3 Collect the Dark Skulls to unlock the door

 Here are some more goodies

And of course this... 


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  2. So this is all the secrets and eggs, right? You only revealed the rabbit secret after the game was released "four years later". Wouldn't it be too late? I think there are many players who have no chance to explain it......

    Then we still don't understand the role of the Delvmore Depths level 5 portal. I guess this is related to the rabbit? An abandoned project.


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