Best Book Dedication Award

Native Interactivity and Animation for the Web
HTML5 Canvas
by Steve Fulton & Jeff Fulton

Many of you probably know that I have been complaining and whining constantly about the new web standards  pushed so hard by the   I am not a fan of 'applications' in websites that can be disrupted with right clicks and mouse highlights so easily like most of the work I have seen in HTML 5.  Of course there is always evolution that eventually wins me over.  Case example would be Onslaught! Arena, and I love the way they disable 'mouse highlight of elements'. What's that called?  And the disable right click!  How'd dey do dat?  Better yet, how did they even animate anything?  Well now I will finally get a chance to find out officially and learn from the ground up.

For a while I have been following two brothers work, after accidentally stumbling into their site looking for (googling) 'Atari 8bit graphics' for inspiration.  What I found was a treasure trove of Flash insight which later lead to my discovery (and surprise) of their new HTML5 Canvas book.  While I have been lamenting the slow and agonizing fall of Flash, I have always kept my options open because I have been down this road so many times with so many Languages, APIs and SDKs since I started with Atari basic.  Times change, and so does my programming book collection.

Well it is finally in my paws.  Been waiting a few weeks to order then receive this #1 best seller written by the dynamic duo at .   Eventually my personal Flash site will migrate over to this, but I imagine it will be a long way out.  I still actively use Flash for my mobile device layout and animation (another blog post) but as far as diving in to program for it hardcore, I am on to other more relevant things such as the CoronaSDK .  But I will always need websites, I will always want my websites to showcase my animation and art skills.  So this book was a natural progression and the dedication of this book was so fitting and prophetic...
best book dedication ever... ( hoo hoo...sniff)

Ok.  Time to man up and get started.  I look forward to sharing what I discover...  ONWARD!!!

type HTML5 in the game ONSLAUGHT! to get this little guy with HTML5 shield logo.

Q: At what point in your programming career/experience did you come to the realization that you would ALWAYS have to learn new languages?  Describe that empty feeling in your gut.  Let it out.  Or did you just do the smart thing and move into upper management?  It's ok. there there, now.. It's ok.  I'm here for you.  It's going to be ok...


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