Quasi-Fame Status re-Unlocked! .0001%

At Inversion Coffee today, one of the Baristas (who's band I have adoringly seen a few times) made a remark to me about programming... and then said, "That's what you do right?"

"Well yea, I do.", I replied.

"Yea, you make Apps right?"


Apparently my facebooking/tweeting/blogging or other social media addictions have earned me .00001% of quasi-fame status here in Houston!    Hey!  I will take it!  Of course I was talking to a guy whose band has been featured in Pitchfork.com, NPR and has recently done tours all over the United States!  So it felt more like a scenario of a much more quasi-famous guy re-inducting what used to be a quasi-famous guy back into the fold.

Something Fierce
Play this while you read!  Get pumped!

Luckily it has been a very rainy morning so their power had been out.  It was quite slow, I realized what is usually a very busy coffee shop became a good opportunity to show a quick demo of my game.

So out comes the iPhone with my game on it and a quick play through over the counter of a coffee shop to two onlooking baristas.  Luckily I have tested the app so much, that I quickly created a new character, moved around a bit and got this comment I have actually heard very often.

"Whoa, it looks like Wolfenstein or something." he stated.

:)  - Well...somewhat I thought.  I mean it is pixelated, blocky and has perspective...I'll take it!  "cool", I responded.

I quickly maneuvered my character into the Blacksmith Shop and interacted with one of my first NPC's.  "And you can buy items, and communicate with characters...see I just bought this Battle Axe, and... let me ... equip it. [navigating to the inventory screen] I can also view this item, Root Beer! Gives you strength."

"Oh.. so yea, like Zelda or something..."  he said, as he looked to further frame what he saw with what he understood from experience.

"EXACTLY!", I exclaimed with delight.  He got it.  He probably is too young to remember the glorious age of Computer Role Playing Games from the early 80's but he was able to marry two genres together and basically describe what I am going for.

"Wow, creating an App is like writting a story these days, huh?"  he asked as I continued to tap the movement buttons on the app and move through the village to the first Non Player Character that gives a quest.  All of this was done while I was holding the iPhone facing them and tapping upside down without missing a beat.  Play testing a game level over and over does have its advantages when it comes to demoing.

"Exactly!  For instance I am talking to this guy... I just got a quest, it unlocks this gate.", I told him as I maneuvered my character into position to exit the starting village and venture off into the Haunted Forest.

"That's really cool. oh look at that".   By this time I had already returned eye contact with them to see their reactions, which seemed genuine.  So I realized he was pointing out the undead Skeleton who was approaching this character on my phone.

I refocused my attention back to what I was demoing, "Oh yea, you can attack those guys by just swiping the screen."  Then, with a swipe of the screen, the Battle Axe I had purchased at the Blacksmith in the village came raging out toward the undead Skeleton.  -miss-  At this point the sound in my game kicks in, so the dramatic affect was even greater. (NOTE TO SELF: STOP BLOGGING FINISH THE SOUND CODE) The skeleton swiped at me, hit with damage sounds.  Battle Axe again, this time a hit!, Skeleton miss.  Again Battle Axe, but this time for the finishing blow, knocking the skeleton into pieces.

"Oh, yea, and you can do stuff like spells."  Quickly I jumped to the inventory, readied the Spellbook with the lightning spell.  "See Lightinging spell" I noted as I pointed to the icon above the readied Spellbook.  One tap of the screen... the first person view of my players hand raises up,  then -Boom-, thunderous clap of lightning bolt strikes the empty ground in front of my character.

"Wow!  All on your phone!  Hey that's great man!" he said.

I put the phone back in my pocket, grabbed my wallet and delicious iced dark chocolate coffee... "Thanks, thanks a lot.  Well, I'll see you guys later." I concluded.

"Allright.  bye"

If my heavy metal t-shirt had buttons on it, they would have bursted on the way to my car.

I think I am ready now to start showing it off in video form with screenshots, a website and official announcements.  That itself will take just a little more work.  Oh and sounds, implement more sounds. :D

For now I will leave you with the Map Screen I have been polishing for the last week, which amazingly I forgot to show him during the demo.  So I will show that for now, while I get the game and media wrapped up...
2nd unofficial official screen shot !  Map View with other options (Back to FPS view, Quests, SpellBook, and World Atlas)

needless to say, a little encouragement goes a really long way for me.



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