QuestLords of fan art!

I got a lot of fan art from QuestLord. But I think the one person that really nailed it and was so fun to interact with was Minawa. 

A Ratkin Wizard by minawa:

A Yeti in a Dungeon:
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Amateria, Seller of Exalted Apples:

Bar Maiden Amy:
(They started to improve on a massive scale)

Image may contain: 1 person

Feneri the Enlightened:
(The delight in seeing these come to life was immense!)

Needless to say I connected with Minawa to give thanks for such inspirational pieces. I enjoyed the art so much that we even worked on a compilation. I drew a picture of woods, then I handed it off to him. Then he drew in 2 characters in those woods! Then I drew a dwarf witnessing the entire thing!

(note:currently busy,  When time permits I will ad the compilation )

For more on Minawa's art


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