That wonderfully hard to navigate wiki!

That wonderfully hard to navigate wiki!
So during QuestLord, I never found the time to make a proper walk through or Wiki page. 

In fact, most of the fun of creating QuestLord was interacting with people that had 'discovered' or 'figured out my puzzles' on their own. 

However the desire to share this knowledge was taken on by my fans who created a Wiki for QuestLord! Now I will be the first to admit that it is harder to navigate this wiki page to find out the information you are looking for than it is to just play QuestLord. But more than fan art was created from this site, including maps, progress and how to continue.

Again, I am super busy right now with code/art/sound/testing/feeding the cats/ making my wife lunches.... not much time to spend on this, but I will come back and revive this post.

QuestLord 2 promises to have a newer Wiki up much sooner after launch.

Did I just mention QuestLord 2? Well, I should save that for another post. There will be a lot more posts, and soon I will come back and reflect on that along with the more important part... QuestLord 2. :D

Until all then, enjoy the Wiki for QuestLord!

That fan made Wiki on Wikia

Also important to note: If you have any questions you can contact me for customer support any time and for more info on QuestLord 2 follow me on Twitter or Facebook.


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