And the blogging begins...

Decided to start a blog!  I have had blogs before.  Mainly art blogs.  This will let me put all of my work and fun things into perspective (get in trouble and make enemies).

Let's see, today My lovely girlfriend and I went to the Houston Arboretum.  Very nice place.  I remember it well from my childhood.  But one thing I don't remember well is the location... Right in the inner loop near downtown Houston.  I was so direction lost when I was a child and got in my parents car.  I would have been the worst runaway or abduction escapee.

One thing it did do is spark creative ideas to code.  That happens almost every time I wander in the woods.  I started to think of the many times I did wander in the woods and had a hint of lament as to why I gave up on tile based games so long ago.  So, I decided... Time to get more XML in my life along with scrolling around arrays.
Going for it.  Also today I am going to update my personal portfolio website with some more features.  Hopefully get some more call backs... Perhaps get some more attention with my work.  Doubt it.  Well, eventually I will but not yet.  It is too early.  Although I am pleased that a handful of game developers have commented on it.  Not surprising that it has only been a handful.  The industry is filled with people who don't really care much.  That is nothing new.  I am hoping with this blog and meeting people on social networks that I can surround myself with less and less of that.


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