makeFUN = new MakeFun();

Things have been super busy.  Doing my tutorials for the iPhone.  Enjoying it very much, it has taken it's toll on my Flash/ActionScript 3 development.  But I have managed to find time to update my portfolio site!!!

I think I have found that people don't mind visiting my portfolio website when I offer them more activities than when they first visited.  Most of them probably do not constantly look at my prior titles or artwork, however that is a guestimate since I do not have analytics on that.   Holidays are a perfect opportunity for this!  Everyone loves getting a holiday greeting.

Lately I have been thinking about creating a public variable to tie the whole sites' activities together.  Basically the player could change that variable in the activities and that variable will be shared throught the game.  I am thinking since I developed such a complex animation system for my character, users could purchase new outfits for him.  And to get these new outfits, the user would have to pay coins.  Coins could be rewarded for every section of the portfolio that the user views, (ie. the floors of the building).

Also I could construct miniGames such as buildings to unlock.

"hmmm...........mmmmkay...... hmmmm...."

oh... Why am I doing this to my portfolio?   Because it is fun and against the norm.  I really don't want to blog about SCRUM, AGILE, or other crap ...  FUN is why I decided to get into games, FUN is what this is for me!  Want to make a good game?  Make FUN!  How do you make FUN?   Honestly I can't precisely tell you in your situation.  I will leave that to the .xls designers who tend to over think their own importance.  But I do know this very scientific piece of data... 

If you are having FUN while trying to make FUN you are off to a good start.  ;)


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