Why Can't I quit you?

Why does this...
Help me code so well?  And further more, why when I quaff one of these...
Do I program even better?   

It is something that puzzles me.  Is it because I am pre=programmed to eat party food when I am creating entertainment? (Notice... I did not call this junk food... I hate the idea that such fine cuisine could be called junk.)  

However I have taken some steps to moderate my intake of sugar, especially corn syrup.  Amy has (... oh wait, need to ad the girlfriend tag to the blog) been encouraging me to only drink 1 soda a day.  Although today I think I have already blown it and so I will just have to start my 1 a day tomorrow.  I have noticed that it is easier to drink a lot of water before I drink my soda that way I am not so inclined to drink it fast or have two.


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